BodyRock E-commerce Optimization


BodyRock receives thousands of visitors a day to it’s online store, selling fitness equipment, gear and digital products. And like all brands that sell online, they live and die by their ability to convert clicks to cash.

Ambit worked on optimizing the BodyRock e-store for the purpose of increasing purchase conversion, reducing abandoned carts, upselling physical products and cross-selling downloadable meal plans and workout series. With a large proportion of advertising efforts and web traffic from social media, the mobile store experience was given special attention. Product pages were updated with richer content such as demonstration videos, layouts were improved to increase likelihood to add-to-cart, and the checkout experience was streamlined. Without the need to fully re-platform, the changes immediately paid dividends with a 27% increase in purchase conversion and a 31% decrease in abandoned carts within two weeks of launch.

What We Did:
  • analytics
  • creative
  • development