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Anthony is a creator and builder – of brands, teams and businesses. With over a decade of experience in senior roles both agency and client-side, he is a passionate leader with a deep understanding of strategy, creative, team-building and the production excellence that drives brands people care about. As a cultivator of big ideas, he is always looking for the trends, why, how and when to create meaningful brand engagement. Equally, he focuses on assembling and leading teams, improving process and creating environments for people to flourish.

When not working on clients, you can find him working up a sweat, in the vegetable garden or enjoying the outdoors.

Anthony Zanfini

Founder & President

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From a wide network of experienced talent who regularly collaborate, teams are assembled for each client, each project, each problem or opportunity. Beyond roles and category experience, people are carefully aligned to the brands they are most passionate about – creating an environment that generates the best work.

The Extended Team


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