Nike Running Canada The Art of Running


Every year, thousands of people get out and stay up for Nuit Blanche – an interactive art festival that takes over Toronto. With a unique digital and retail experience we created awareness for revolutionary Vapor Flash product line and made sure Nike Running lit up the brightest night of the year.


Working with other client partners in event activations and media, the streets of Toronto were turned into a canvas to be painted by Nike’s new running jacket – Vapor Flash. A run crew ran the city-wide art exhibit spelling the word “RUN” with their route through the downtown core and projected on a live map at Nike’s Bloor Street flagship store. The all-night shopping experience included a revolutionary flash-photobooth where consumers could trial the jacket and create shareable, artistic content of their own. Both the live map and consumer photos were uploaded to Nike Running digital and social channels throughout the event. Over the course of the activation 33,000 visitors checked into online and 2,200 consumers visited the store. Proudly, the campaign won a 2013 Silver Marketing Magazine award in the Games category.


What We Did:
  • content
  • creative
  • development
  • event activation
  • strategy